“See Christ in others; Be Christ to others”

The South Nottingham Catholic Academy Trust was the first Catholic multi-Academy Trust in the United Kingdom, being incorporated on 17th August 2011. The Trust was formed from an existing family of Catholic schools in the South Nottingham area. The Trust works in close partnership with the Nottingham Roman Catholic Diocesan Education Service and with local community schools and academies. The Trust provides education for students of different abilities between the ages of 4 and 19 at its schools. Each constituent Academy is a Catholic Foundation and roots its activities in the teachings of the Roman Catholic faith.

The main objectives of the Trust are:

• To provide the best education, rooted in the values of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for our young people so that they will achieve their full potential.

• To ensure that each young person enjoys the same high quality education in terms of resourcing, tuition and care.

• To improve the effectiveness of the Trust by constantly reviewing the activities of each Academy especially in the curriculum.

• To ensure that the funding of each Academy is utilised to the best provision of education, providing value for money.

• To comply with all statutory and canonical requirements.

• To build bridges of hope between the communities in which our constituent academies exists, keeping close links with educational, faith and community partners.